No Coast - EP

by No Solution

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rjm63 Catchy, fun, and danceable pop punk gold! Favorite track: Growing Up.
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released January 18, 2019


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No Solution Peoria, Illinois

No Solution is a Peoria-based pop-punk band, originally formed in 2002 under the name The Dysfunctions and changing their name to No Solution in 2004. After a 10-year hiatus, No Solution reformed in July of 2017 with new members and picked up right where they left off.
No Solution’s catchy guitar & bass riffs, drum fills and high-energy performances are sure to bring you that 90s nostalgia.
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Track Name: First Day of School
First day of school, here I am, hoping that you understand
That I don't like your stupid hair and I can't afford the clothes you wear
So I take my seat at the back of class, in gym I always get picked las
tBut I'm not worried, I don't care 'cause I know I won't always be here

I used to be like you not so long ago
But it all fell through because now I know
It's just another trend, why should I even try
I won't be cool because I'm not like you guys

First day of school drags on so long, another wasted summer gone
I'm back again and all the jocks want to meet me in the parking lot
I just ignore the things they say, it hurts inside but I'm OK
I don't care what they do to me, my main concern is not popularity
Track Name: Growing Up
I remember being a kid
And not caring at all
And not giving a shit
About anyone or anything
But does that matter at all
Late nights out with my friends
Ditchin' the cops and sneaking in
Those were the best days of our lives

Life is moving way too fast
Where does the time go
Another year thrown in the trash
Where do the days go
Seems like my present's now my past
Seems like my presence doesn't last
Can't stop this clock from ticking fast
Growing up can kiss my ass

There's nothing I wouldn't give
So I could turn back time
And save my friends
But reality sets in
Yesterday never comes again
Dream like you live forever
Live your life like you die today
We're all getting older
But it's all gonna be okay
Track Name: Bring You Down
Can we forget about the fight we had last night
Didn't mean to get so mad, didn't mean to make you cry
You know I never meant to get so mad at you
I guess I'm just a punk and I got a bad attitude

This time I promise you, this is the last time
You know I never want to see you cry
Things will never change as long as I'm around
You lift me up and all I do is bring you down

I'm not gonna yell at you if you say you're mad at me
I think I'd feel the same if I had to live with me
You know I never meant the awful things I said
I would change everything if I had to do it all again
Track Name: Social Media Queen
I didn't retweet what she posted late last night
And now she's pissed of that I didn't give her likes
Now she's blowin' up my wall
Sendin' selfies I can't handle this at all

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat
I'm oldschool, I ain't got no time for that
PM's, pics, pokes, what does this all mean
I must have swiped right for the Social Media Queen

She said it's not true love, 'cus my status isn't set
Because you know it's fake, if it's not on the internet
So she hijacked my page to make it right
I forgot to thumbs up, now I'm sleeping alone tonight

I took her out to eat, it was a real nice place
Then she whipped out her phone, took a picture of her plate
Right then and there I knew that this could not be good
I wish this bitch would just shut up and eat her food
Track Name: Intoxication
Give me one good reason
Why everything is grey
If life is full of seasons
Why won’t anything change
I know that the sun won’t rise for me
But if I’m drunk then I can’t see
Confusion taking over me

There’s only one cure, there’s only one way
Hittin’ the pipe and drinkin’ every day
Don’t need the truth when everything’s a haze
Today’s a good day to waste your life away

I’m falling from completion
I threw it all away
I used to have a reason
But I lost it along the way
I plead the fifth and drink the same
When I’m drunk I can’t complain
When every day adds up the same
There’s no meaning

The bottle is my truest friend
The bottle makes me whole again
The bottle never lets me drown
It never fills you up it never lets you down
Track Name: Slacker
Live my life the hard way
Gotta be all my way
And I don't need your help
And I just hurt myself
I'm stupid, I take risks
Like I got some death wish
Been broken, been beaten
It's amazing I'm still breathing

I'm gonna grow up someday
But not today, I'm gonna do what I want
I know it shouldn't be this way
But is it OK if I don't want to grow up

Drive too fast, won't slow down
Cops know me in my town
Don't wake up, I sleep in
Live a seven day weekend
I hate to go to work
My boss is such a jerk
I stay at home all day
I like it better that way

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